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I see today a question about the feud between ball player and
manager is heating up again.
Apparently Matt Williams had benched Bryce Harper for as I see it 
Not Hustling on a routine Ground ball?
I hark back to 1977 when Reggie Jackson and then manger Billy Martin
and On TV got into it, When as they called he?
The straw that stirs the drink?
Jackson was seen Not making any effort in the out field or loafing?
And it caused a fight in the dugout that the TV folks saw?
Now I have a point to make about college stars who I see on the verge of  unions?
And you don't think we will see more unrest with coaches as I just pointed with these
two examples?
I think we have a problem forgetting aren't these college aged kids?
18-22,  and yea lets build up their egos a bit more paying them? 
Plus yea lets arrange a union to really make us forget of what a School really is?
last time I check?
Isn't a school , where you study to take exams to get a  degree???
or am I in need of a another appointment at rain bow optics for an eye test?

high expectaions getting higher and higher and higher

1989 film Field of Dreams. ‏

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If you build it they will come.
Recently I have heard many opinions about where the
University Of Oregon woman play softball , "Howe Field"
And I ask this why build another facility ?
Howe field, built  in 1936 , and used mainly for baseball was converted to softball'
in 1987, and it doesn't seem all that long ago when in 2009 new light standards
were added?
The thing that would NOT shock me knowing Oregon would be to build a brand new
 And I ask why?
Ok the talk to is to possibly build an indoor Track and Field facility where Howe is?
 Ok make sense in my opinion, but with so many meetings and meetings and meetings when?
I get so tired of all the Rhetoric I see in trying to come up solutions and the time it takes?
This is what folks don't understand and wont understand watch this?
Near Howe Field  stands Hayward Field home to Oregon Track and Field ?
guess when that facility opened?
And how many improvements it has with stood?
Many,  see we don't over look that why?
Championships an plenty of them.
And I see more on the way.
What I hear recently is the whining about rising ticket prices?
Sure "Howe field "could be replaced at what cost?
In my never ending research I found a story from Troy Frazier , but from 7 years ago?
2007 story of building a new baseball or softball field?
you could build it for 15 thousand  to millions of dollars?
And take into account as we found out in building PK park home to Oregon baseball?
a fake field why?\
rain ,and the many washouts that might occur had it NOT been for the fake turf?
And there's another aspect over looked or could be overlooked?
Could they build a softball field with that same fake turf?
 I see two problems at Howe Field ?
one isnt even being addressed my god how I have tried to email about it and the emails
have been ignored?
Buy acting as though you are suppose to be there?
Sneak past the tennis courts and there you go, get in free?
The cost to get in for woman's softball at Howe Field is 5 bucks for adults. Not bad.
But I'd wager in building a brand new Mansion?
ticket prices going up like a  Rocket?
and see we forget that! Now don't we?
"so build it and they will come but for what price?

Oregon not ORREYGONE

Oregon boasts its own wonders Print E-mail
Written by The Curry Coastal Pilot  
April 18, 2014 06:37 pm

You may have seen Travel Oregon's new promotional campaign in television commercials, print advertisements or on its website. It's called "The Seven Wonders of Oregon."

The Portland agency Wieden+Kennedy designed the campaign, but I think their efforts fell short of their mark: Certainly, there are more than seven wonders in our state.

Here's how Travel Oregon announces the campaign:

"There are Seven Wonders of the World, and not a single one of them is here in Oregon. All we can figure is whoever came up with the list must have never set foot here. They must have never seen Mount Hood or the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge. They certainly didn't explore the Oregon Coast. The exposed earth of the Painted Hills, Smith Rock's towers of volcanic ash and the alpine peaks of the Wallowas were overlooked as well. Even Crater Lake, the deepest lake in America, was left off their list.

"So we see your wonders, world. And raise you seven of our own. And we invite you to not just see them, but experience them. Because our wonders aren't just for taking pictures of — to truly say you've seen our wonders, you have to get out of the car, hike down from the scenic vista and feel them beneath your feet."

I agree with the sentiment. So to the original list, I have added two that I consider essential — Oregon Caves and Hells Canyon. Neither one of them can be seen from the safety of your car.

Mount Hood

There is no landmark that says "Oregon" to the outside world so much as 11,245-foot Mount Hood. The first sighting of the state's highest peak by Europeans was by Capt. George Vancouver's 1792 expedition, and this "very high, snowy mountain," as it was described, has captured the imagination of travelers ever since.

Timberline Lodge, now a renowned national historic landmark, was built high on Mount Hood during the Great Depression. In just 22 months, laborers for the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps built the  lodge by hand, using stone and timber from the mountain itself, plus other recycled and repurposed materials.

Skiing, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor sports now keep visitors coming year-round. Timberline is one of several ski areas, including Mount Hood Meadows — on the peak's eastern flank — and Skibowl, just outside the hub community of Government Camp. In summer, Skibowl becomes an adventure park with zip-lining, alpine slides and other family activities.

The old Barlow Road, representing the last leg of the continental crossing for mid-19th-century Oregon Trail pioneers, circles the south side of Mount Hood. Numerous interpretive plaques and other historic markers recall the path.

Columbia River Gorge

The first designated National Scenic Area (established in 1986), the gorge surrounds the historic Columbia River Highway, built between 1913 and 1922 and stretching 75 miles from Troutdale to The Dalles east of Portland. The highway is credited with introducing modern tourism to the Pacific Northwest, with campgrounds, roadhouses and lodges catering to tourists.

At its wetter western end, the highway weaves past the stunning Chanticleer Point scenic viewpoint and the classic Vista House at Crown Point State Park, 733 feet above the Columbia River. It also passes numerous waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, second-highest falls in the United States, plunging 611 feet in two cataracts.

The eastern end of the gorge beyond Hood River is much drier, but it is no less scenic. Just west of The Dalles, the highway winds through wildflower-rich Tom McCall Preserve and over Rowena Crest, with a descent along a series of graceful switchbacks. And near its east end, on the Washington shore, such enigmatic creations of Quaker leader Sam Hill as a war-memorial replica of Stonehenge and the Maryhill Museum of Art rise on bluffs above the river.

Today, tourism takes a different form than it did before World War II. The gorge is home to highly regarded wineries and breweries, and prevailing winds on the Columbia River have made the gorge world-renowned for wind surfing and kite boarding. 

Oregon Coast

The 363-mile-long coastline — from Astoria, at the mouth of the Columbia River, south to Brookings, where the redwood forests of California spill over into Oregon — is followed along its entire course by U.S. Highway 101.

En route, this national scenic byway follows long, rocky beaches and clings to seaside cliffs, overlooks picturesque lighthouses and derelict shipwrecks, passes miles of wind-sculpted sand dunes and more than 50 state parks and recreation areas, and visits dozens of communities — some of them tourist towns, others with bustling fishing harbors.

From the Columbia's mouth, where explorers Lewis and Clark spent the winter of 1805-06 at Fort Clatsop, the highway visits the old-time resort town of Seaside, the arts community of Cannon Beach and the surfing center of Pacific City. Beyond Lincoln City, amid rugged headlands, is the whale-watching capital of Depoe Bay. Newport is famed for its bustling harbor and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. South of Yachats, Sea Lion Caves protect a remarkable grotto whose scores of denizens maintain a constant roar.

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, 50 miles long, extends from Florence to Coos Bay, the largest coastal harbor between Puget Sound and San Francisco Bay. Coastal scenery remains dramatic around Cape Blanco lighthouse; Gold Beach, where jet boats head up the wild and scenic Rogue River; and the panoramic vistas of Boardman State Park.

Painted Hills

Within the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, layers of lakebed sediments and fossilized soils have left an artist's palette 33 million years old. In the Painted Hills, vividly striped hummocks, bands of burnt-orange and ocher-yellow, olive-green and rust-red, lay a unique veneer upon the arid landscape.

There are four short trails here. The Painted Hills Overlook Trail gives the best overall view of this vibrant landscape, its appearance changing as clouds come and go. The striations of paleosols, or fossil soils, layered between sediments left by ancient lakebeds, have created a colorful and mineral-rich canvas. Twenty-nine different minerals have contributed to the hues of these barren clay hills.

Not far away, the Painted Cove Trail winds through red and gold clay-stone hills on an elevated walkway; from this angle, they appeared as giant mounds of colored popcorn.

The Painted Hills are just one of three parcels within the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. The Sheep Rock Unit contains several fossil quarries at the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center. The Clarno Unit preserves subtropical plant fossils from more than 40 million years ago, including a diversity of fossil wood unmatched on Earth.

Smith Rock

Central Oregon's "wonder" is Smith Rock, north of Redmond. Embraced by Smith Rock State Park, it boasts sheer cliffs of tuff and basalt that rise hundreds of feet directly above the Crooked River, earning it acclaim as the birthplace of modern American sport climbing. Rock climbers of all ability levels, including many experts from foreign countries, gather at Smith Rock to test its cutting-edge routes.

First-time visitors might be forgiven for thinking they've been transported to the canyonlands of southern Utah: The view from the parking area is reminiscent of the red-rock gorges of Zion National Park, with precipices towering above the meandering river. And nonclimbers may behold a similar panorama as they ascend the Misery Ridge Trail and wind around Monkey Face, an unmistakable sentinel above the high desert.

Smith Rock has served as a film location for several notable features, including "Rooster Cogburn" (1975), with John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn; "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" (1994), with Uma Thurman; "The Postman" (1997), with Kevin Costner; and "Swordfish" (2001), with John Travolta.

The Wallowas

In so many ways, Wallowa County is the proverbial end of the road. All alone in Oregon's isolated northeastern corner, its lofty peaks surround a spectacular glacial lake, a nationally acclaimed community of bronze sculptors in Joseph and beautiful ranchland that spreads to the rugged chasm of Hells Canyon.

The summer tourist season is short, and even at the peak of that season, velvet-antlered mule deer sidestep small tents to graze in the state park's campground. Meanwhile, the region's No. 1 man-made tourist attraction, the Wallowa Lake Tramway to the top of Mount Howard, is lucky to fill every third cab.

Above deep-blue Wallowa Lake, nestled in the cradle of moraines, foot and horseback trails climb into the Eagle Cap Wilderness, long ago nicknamed "America's Alps." 

OOOPS me and my free speech

My letter to our sports editor! ‏

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I really think I can use a term for some sports fans,
MASOCHISTS. Why very simple they hate the coach,
they whine because the ticket prices continue to rise?
But I'd wager or bet they will  either be seated at Autzen stadium,
or continue to pay for cable television to watch Oregon football?
When it could be so easy to just turn off the set , and not darken the
I will end by saying this, I know an 8 year old child who in my mind could
 teach some adults a very simple lesson?
"Its just a game"   

That E word again???

That word again...... ‏

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I am speaking about that word ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!
Tonight talking with my buddy Ron who's the granddad Of
What I view a kid who could teach many adults as he taught me,
The meaning of what a" game" really is !
Yes for those newcomers to my blogs?
Young Riley a kid not even 10 years old?
told his friend after a game, now recall Riley has been taught by
Some very smart folks included his grandparents and his folks, that
"its just a game" the very same thing he ,told his friend after they lost a game?
what I almost got teary eyed again when Ron shared with me the news of a blog
I wrote and kept it and Ron gave it to his daughter, who is the mother of Riley, 
who then after reading it, Added  it to her Facebook page\, and its gotten great
comments from lots of people!
Something we are losing fast, like sportsmanship  , as in shake the hand of the team
who beat you????
And why not?
As Riley said "its just  game"


We Want championship's and we want them now!! ‏

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I see this in my own  back yard ?
Yes sir last year and years to come at the University Of Oregon and we aren't
alone it spreads everywhere from here on the west coast to the eastern coastline..
I recently told some College football fans who are fantasy laden  Duck Fans?
you think last years football season was filled with high expectations???
hold on tight.....what with Marcus Mariota back ?
And sorry to some whiners ??
want names  HUH?
are you bleepin me an 11-2 year plus a Alamo bowl win?
But fore some cry cry cries????
Its just not good enough???
lets look at this???
From foxsports....top 10 NBA Players without a Championship ring
10......Kevin Durant
09......Allen Iverson
08.......Steve Nash 
07.......Reggie Miller
06......Dominique Wilkins
05......Patrick Ewing
04......Charles Barkley
03......Elgin Baylor
02......John Stockton
01.....Karl Malone

KW Or Kent White

I know a dude Named Kent ‏

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A guy who is only interested and ,so it seems, with the following,
Food , Bills as in Rent, Electrical, and his cable Television, His sports,
as in reruns of College football, college baseball or softball  or the live
versions of these!
Now I wouldn't say Kent is  mean , as In hurting anyone  to be a jerk.
I say he doesn't want to be Bothered by what I view as trivial , When My
Friend gave him with NO COST a cordless phone , NOPE to Kent just trivial,
he will stick like glue to a cord phone and it doesn't matter to him, Kent has a
Cell phone , but you think he ever uses it?
No again a piece of trivial mish mosh to Kent, or as he might view a waste of time!
As  In Friends ?
I don't think Kent wants sadly to even be bothered by us who some would call friends?
Why, I guess a person who is looked at as a "Loner" Isnt really Concerned unless there
is something in it for him, tickets to ball games, but wait there has been times even then?
A ticket wont matter?
I have made a number of lunch dates for us to sit and chat, and I'd say on some occasions he
is a no show?
why, he is referred to as with a buddy who lives in Los Angeles his buddy who he went to high school
Darrell we both call Kent a simpleton and CAT, why?
I think I nearly covered why, Watch a Cat, will a Cat respond when you call it?
Only when you have food, you think I m kidding about this guy?
I think Kent is in seven heaven when he's tucked away watching the following and I'd bet the farm!
Reruns of University of Oregon sports or being there live in living color on NBC?
You got it Toyota, all else is just trivial .
The other most important thing in his life , is College game day, I think in all the years ESPN has
been in Eugene, Oregon?  
He has missed one, and another #1 aspect is the local morning radio talk show on KUGN AM 59 or
one of the Radio stations we call The Voice of Oregon sports, Kent is found listening to get free stuff?
As in contests to win?
Something for free!    
The other thing I find ,call it either funny or sad, He always wants me to tell Darrell the dude from LA
Now does Kent want to learn something ever so simple as Emailing?
 I say NO why, to trivial  to him why should he ,when he has, Me as in I, who  can send the message
 loud an clear!
Kent also is known by me as the "walker " why?
I have never in my life ever known a guy who loves the walk  as in Kent now he will  tell us why if you asked?
I guess when he was younger I think he had a fast walker  his mom to try and catch?  
About 4 years ago, Im guessing,  his friend Darrel was visiting  and was at the baseball game and I guess I
understood asked if Kent wanted a ride home? But Kent decided to walk home?
I really wish I could sometimes Clone me as Kent, but would I be happy?
Lonely would be my world, But Kent, I think he enjoys his little world and welcome to it!
Very simple and very Un trivial at best.
Does Kent pay his bills?
You bet he does, sometimes he has told me he has even paid them the day they are due?
Is he late to appointments YES I don't think to be jerk its just him.
Aww as Darrel and I view him as  Simpleton and the CAT

were in yhe money

Nice work if you can get it? ‏

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From Sports Ill 
"Extra Mustard"
04/14/2014....What sports Coaches make...
 Duke Coach Mike Kryzewski..............................97 Million
Mercers basketball,coach...................................$600,000
Alabama Football coach Nick Saban...................7 million
UCLA ex basketabll coach John Wooden   .........40K
Angels baseball manager  Mike Scioscio   ..........5 million
L.A. clippers basketabll coach Doc Rivers  ..........7 million
NFL's patriots coach  Bill belichick              ..........7.5 million
Red Wings coach Mike Babcock                  ..........2 million
Phil jackson when he coached the Lakers............11million

Pay rates

Oregons head coaches football, basketball and mens baseball ‏

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 Football coach    Mark Helfrich......................1,800,000
Mens basketball  coach Dana Altman.............2 million
George Horton baseball  coach......................3 million


What year is it?

Time marches on and on and on ‏

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Today I read Mustang turns 50?
Ohh how can it be?
As the news Item said "unveiled in 1964, at the worlds fair"
but wait a  min? 
Didn't I read the other day about an elephant Packy in Portland,
Oregon turning 52?\
Yep going back to past blogs?
He did!