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kelly lindley
December 30

S and L

A story about unfairness ‏

A story about unfairness

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Sent: Wed 12/30/15 3:10 AM
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and no joke...
I have lived in a one bedroom apt for just over 4 years, about
3 years ago a gentleman moved below me, a nice fellow or seemed to be?
Very quiet and respectable Then the roof caved as it were?
about 5 months ago he decided to be a big pain in my neck how?
by thinking it cool?
The very second I came in ?
 The music got loud as in a spoiled brad and lets not for get he's an adult?
I called the police I don't know many times with really no help?
The as I note them slum lords acted as if they didnt care?
I get notice that I have been asked to move why?
I wasn't the problem he was,
But lookup the words slum lords?in my view a mirror  image of THIS PLACE?,d.cGc
id say before you waste money?
As I did and get real frustrated?
Do some research before you waste not only your money?
but waste away being mad nearly everyday?
Does management care?
NO sir..
November 26

Yea sirrrrr

Happy Happy merry merry ‏

Happy Happy merry merry

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Sent: Thu 11/26/15 9:47 PM
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I don't give a rats BEHIND??????
I will continue  saying...........
Merry Christmas
if some don't like that????
GET A LIFE!!!!!!Emoji
November 26

Its still just a game

As A writer Blogger ? ‏

As A writer Blogger ?

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Sent: Thu 11/26/15 9:01 PM
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 Its fun to write something to make us think.
True I'm  a  University Of Oregon  football fan note?
nota  fanatic, just a fan  BUT.  When Oregon and Oregon state play
Friday in our annual Civil  War contest at 1PM in Eugene , Oregon?
Note also Oregon is a 34 point favorite?
YAWNNNNNNN   sorry Oregon state BUT?
But how would you beaver fans going to the game?
how would you love watching  your    team  ruin an all ready down year?
what I see as  Spoiled rotten winning duck fans all ready?
so far in league play?
Osu hasn't won a game?
But does that mean the team will fold for the ducks?
The #1 upset in college football history is when Appalachian state beat
Michigan at Michigan?
Who'd thunk that?
And for me?
Its still just a game.
Stay tuned????Emoji
November 25


wouldn't it be nice !!!!! ‏

wouldn't it be nice !!!!!

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From: kelly lindley (
Sent: Wed 11/25/15 7:54 AM
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To invent a  box and one press of a button?
MONEY  and plenty of it???
Or buy a tree from any place that sells trees,
just ad water?
More Money??
This is what I see sometimes with scams ?
I have a friend in LA who with the help of his wife they run a business
called Xango .
it doesn't run its self it is very hard work at running any business , I know that
by remembering , how my late father owning various business's over the years!
hard work long hours.
wouldn't it be nice to control everything?
Like the puppeteer working with puppets .
Controlling everything and everyone?
But again I live in the real world,   so NO CAN DO!
November 18

should be jailed!!!!

I call it "SIN!" ‏

I call it "SIN!"

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From: kelly lindley (
Sent: Wed 11/18/15 3:02 AM
To: kelly lindley (

Read About it almost ever day?
One word I just came up with 
"HIDEOUS"  examples?
Portland, Oregon man accused of luring a 10 year old for sex dated
Soccer "female" Coach accused of having sex with a 13 year old boy?
again what ever you want to call it?
I call it sin!
smut, porn,  I also know some who wont ?
As parents see this from both sides?
How would you!
Like it if your daughter or son in their early teens or pre teen years like it
if some crazed out adult got their jollies from the INTER NET?
and Im sure one can view as sick as this is?
yea view pre teens dancing in short skirts while an  adult sickoh is watching?
About  5 or 6years ago I was seated in our local library and a guy, about my age was
watching PORN ?
Again in a public library ?I then asked the sick ohh why are you viewing that?
the sick adult told me that wasn't porn? 
Without going into detail with the new guy as  library manger ?
I dont see this anymore!
I think due to filtering such  garage  out!!!!
I think so.
bad enough ?
Porn and even viewing up skirts as they call it?
SICK !!!
November 15

just a Game?

College Football and my opinion! ‏

College Football and my opinion!

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From: kelly lindley (
Sent: Sun 11/15/15 3:23 AM
To: kelly lindley (

 My sister and my younger brother traveled  all the way from Eugene, Springfield
to  the bay area to watch the ducks play the 7th ranked Stanford Cardinal.
I in my opinion found it more fun to watch the game over at my buddies why?
I have found at the games I attended in the past , all this standing?
Sure on a long gain or a  score of any kind?
Yea stand and cheer but then lets sit down, maybe Its my age I don't know I am now
63 years old, I also find by watching on TV ?
One can use the bathroom with out standing in line, plus need more to eat?
Hop back to the kitchen grab more  chips, and more soda and its all free.
Plus no standing   in line ?
I saw and was greatly shocked how great Oregon played , I thought since Stanford was?
Ranked #7?
Key word  WAS?
I thought Oregon should have been #7 , But as Ex Oregon coach Chip Kelly always pointed
out that ratings meant nothing until the end the regular season.
Again I found watching the game was fun without what I seem to hear ?
All this nit picking about a coaching change meaning Don Pellum defensive coord?
When ever I hear that I say "why don't you try coaching in the Pac12?
You wont get any response why?
I think these loud mouths understand you are right but wont admit it?
And speaking of mouths?
I know several who love shooting off their mouths about how bad and how?
maybe Oregon state shouldn't even be in the league why?
Some point out at how bad the beavers are?
I say so what with a brand new coach a new system , I also root for OSU when they aren't playing    Oregon and why not?
I have relatives that graduated from  OSU AND ?
isn't it just a game.  Hey do the kids as in the players do they want to lose?
I think not.   and on the subject on how bad the beavers are?
My question again to what I call the MOUTHS?
How many national football titles has Oregon won?
I see zero. and how many titles has the Beavers won recently in baseball?
I count two.  No its not football BUT holy cow?
Oregon on the other hand has only one title and that is 1939 when the Tall Firs beat
Ohio state to win the first NCAA basketball title, and the rest  of the titles the ducks have won
Track and field  and cross country,  But they don't want to hear that?
This is why I and our local sports radio talk show host do our research .
Without just mouthing off?
Final from last night Oregon beat the cardinal  38-36 in what I thought a very well played game
by Oregon ?
But only winning by 2,  I again thought Stanford  made some very costly mistakes ?
Why I kept thinking why is Stanford rated 7th?
Now next week  USC comes to autzen to play Oregon  and as of this blog?
No time has been set yet?
Will it be another late night game or an afternoon kickoff?
I told Mark last night how I recall all afternoon games in the past ?
Not now with so much money  involved and do they care?
Then the real test for the ducks?
And wait again?
I recall any sport when Oregon and Oregon state do battle ?
Toss out all the stats,  Nov 27, Osu comes  to town but don't even think a big blowout?
Why we play the games , I recall, many Oregon state wins when Oregon should have won,
And I am an Oregon ducks fan.
Plus remember How I learned from a child ?
its just a game,  and  or isn't it?
Lets say last night the ducks had got beat?
As I look at the date today?
Sunday the 15th of nov?
And a new day?
BUT DONT dare share that with  a fanatic?
 and don't think this only for OSU and Oregon?
No this is taking place all around the country.      
True Oregon played very well last night , But again more games left?
why we play the games and not play them on paper?
and as we say in broadcasting?
Stay tuned.  
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