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Yes sometimes change? ‏

Yes sometimes change?

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/30/14 7:13 AM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

I know I would rather have a cordless phone than get tripped up with a Cord?
I love this device I am on  now a computer .
I have no use for a cell phone , or the text stuff or twitter your life away?
A guy I graduated high school Ted said he wants no part of computers?
A dude I know had webTV???
Uggg I thought, he is also the guy who says he emails?
I have never got a an E from he???

Sheep ......

I guess I was never a sheep or a follower? ‏

I guess I was never a sheep or a follower?

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/30/14 6:58 AM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

A blog this morning called for tweets?
and all that twitter stuff?
I don't  want any  part of that texting crowd why?
Simple I know darn well I'd leave my Text machine on a bus???
Hell I have problems keeping track of my keys??
I am not a big fan of Fantasy Sports and its ok for others..
just to be honest and not  join the smoke blowers
who in a conversation will say lets get together and chat?
And you know  darn well we wont!

W H O ?

Pardon Me??? ‏

Pardon Me???

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/30/14 6:18 AM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

 At a get together last night I learned from  dude that a Super star stud?
in the entertainment world and I wont name names, Sort of gave him the Ignore
Acting as if, I wont lower my royal high ness down to your level?
This guy went to high school with this idiot but the super star ignored him?
I also know a friend who worked at the Eugene, Oregon public library  and one year
flew to Texas and one of his classmates was actress Morgan Fairchild , and as he put
it she showed up and was nice.
I went to high school with an athlete who the late Howard Cosell called "all World"
Russ Francis and yes it was for some a long time ago, Francis went to Pleasant Hill
high school in 1971 and it happened to be my graduating class how kool.
Francis for you young people played football first at the University of Oregon, then played
13 seasons in the NFL, first with New England , then the 49ers, but this blog isn't about football
its about many who get popular then ignore us ?
I find rather unpopular, why, the ego gets in the way, and these as I call idiots cant let off
the ego and recall some  great days?
I go back to Francis who became very popular when he broke the javelin record in 1971 at 259, 9?
and then went on for a football career but later still found time to  reconnect with his high school
I am still unhappy with an ex boss and get this?
from a Christian Radio station  we both worked at many moons ago ?
But still , Dave and I as I recall went through a lot , but now he appears to not care to look back?
I think that very sad, but its his life and so I say fine, JERK!
Yes many don't like reunions ,I do, one of the other passions I have looking back not only for sports
but also my history in Eugene , Oregon where I was born and raised , my history among who I went
to school with, I am a member of the Lane County Historical Society , and love getting their monthly
Its ok for some who would rather not look back , My Older brother Chris has NO interest at all and
My friend from LA also hasn't gone to any of his reunions from Eugene, Oregon's Churchill high school?
And as we live in a free country , many and I know a guy who hates this ?
I know a lot of people who could care less about sports?
But I sure don't turn my back on them why thank God I have other interests .

The Oakland What now?

My New Soap Opera ‏

My New Soap Opera

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/30/14 5:41 AM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

 The Oakland Raiders who?
If I were to write a soap opera about this team?
I would be writing till that place froze over!
In the research I found  however is this, The years from 1960-1962
were viewed  as the early Years,  With More research I found Al Davis
entered the picture in 1963 and the AFL, In 1969 John Madden was named
the teams 6th head coach, 1970 saw the team join the NFL.
In 1970 Madden left coaching an began his long career as a broadcaster, I thought a
great broadcaster how ever also some who would disagree!
!982 saw Al Davis move the team to Los Angeles to become the Los Angeles Raiders, Then
in 1995 , it was back to Oakland, sounds like free agency ?
Now before I run out of ink?
Now the Raiders are thinking  about loading up and moving to Texas?
Apparently my homework tells me , how shocking the team would like to build a new mansion,
oops I mean a new stadium, and the lease is about to run out on the stadium anyway. 
As the Team Moves ,  my soap opera theme for the ?
Oakland, Los Angeles , ?
Texas Raiders?
Stay tuned.



Image: Stephen McDonagh takes part in the Irish Bog Snorkeling championship in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, on Sunday (© Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)
Start your snorkels

Stephen McDonagh is up to his eyeballs in the Irish Bog Snorkeling championship in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, on July 27.

hint My favorite # is 44


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Do you worry about debt?

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Late Birds ‏

Late Birds

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Tue 7/29/14 9:19 PM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

 I know many who love and I think don't give a rats behind about Being "
can you imagine them as TV schedulers ?
Lets see Big Bang Theory begins at 6PM?
No with these?
Maybe or Maybe or Maybe?/
05ish.........or lets guess  6:45???
Get it????\
Didn't think you did!!!!

Sound Off

The Letter to the Editor ? ‏

The Letter to the Editor ?

To: kelly lindley

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Tue 7/29/14 3:30 PM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)


 Eugene, Oregon is known as The Track Capitol of The World or
Track Town USA!
Those who have never been to Eugene or Springfield , would not know
the many paths we have for  jogging and running and biking not motorcycle No
bicycles , I know I ride also!  
A letter in todays local paper touched on Bikes and two words "SLOW DOWN!
My opinion is exactly I think not all but a great % think they own both the streets
and the paths ?
The letter also touched on Strollers  with babies in them, and dog walkers , I have also
 watched wheel chairs out for a ride!
A few years ago when  I lived  not far from Autzen stadium where Oregon plays football I
was walking to a game, and some  idiot riding a bike slammed into me not hurting me,. but
then stated he yelled  to get out of his way?  
NO, This dude should have been out on the freeway biking at around 55MPH? 
Do they understand NO not a great % don't!
A commercial I have seen and heard on local radio is share the road?
I have seen walkers walking down a side walk and might as well have both arms out so
no one can get by?
So who shares what?
We read all the time about Road rage???

some nut cake driving a million MPH and slams into some one killing them or badly injures them?
Sadly as a native born Oregonian I have seen our two cites get bigger and bigger and that has the
crime rate soaring high.
Also I have also seen many a university Co ed jogging or running alone?
And I hope and pray they have on them a can of Mace or pepper spray to spray In someone's face!
No not in any way  I live in a very dangerous place, it has sadly changed over the years!
I pointed out in my letter thanks for the awareness!

Eye on Blogs

Observations for blogs.... ‏

Observations for blogs....

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Tue 7/29/14 3:00 PM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

I don't have a car so I take our local bus service, today I noticed some trying to
take the bus without a  pass?
The many excuses  run from "you know who I am???
A few years ago  the starting QB for Oregon tried the following?
You know I am the starting QB for??????
The Guard then pointing out to the MOUTH?
I am the security Guard for lane transit and if you don't show me a pass?
OFF  YOU GO!!!!!!
He then showed his pass!
Or the regular friend of a friend ?
And then  the do you know who I am???
Or the mayor of either Eugene, Or Springfield will try it?
my joke has been and remember its only a joke and if you don't have my humor?
The joke is if Christ got on would a pass have to be shown?

Nuck Nuck nuck

Update update update update ‏

Update update update update

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Tue 7/29/14 8:34 AM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

I wrote a blog about Sportsblogs.com....:here's  what I left out?
Today I wrote about the fact I am on this date july 29th?
#202 on the site?
in my everyday research I found out as of today there are Over 16,984
bloggers currently blogging on the site,
if you don't believe me??
look it up.....sportsblogs.com?
for those who need a dictionary?