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kelly lindley
August 4

am I alone

No this is nothing new but? ‏

No this is nothing new but?

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Sent: Tue 8/04/15 7:52 AM
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I am finding as I get older its a ,me ,myself and I, world why?
Like the neighbor downstairs who wants to listen to loud annoying music and has
no thought of neighbors around him?
I complained till my voice cracked also did  some complaining to the mangers ?
Finally after calling the local police ?
It finally got turned down?
I often thought how old is this guy?
13,15, or 16?
No im not a perfect due myself but?
Boy am I glad was raised by parents who took the to teach kids values I dont  think is being taught
in todays world why?
Busy with jobs and school and Im talking the parents?
Why  have kids?
Is my question?
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