Remember this what it is....Entertainment why?

lets say us fans boycotted sports, and hardly anyone watched?

In response "will Richard Sherman be the next victim of the madden


Sure its the NFL and athletes are making scads of money?



Mo'ne Davis ‏

Mo'ne Davis

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 The young super star of the baseball world and oops lost?
See this is why I am no longer an idiot fanatic.
The kid is only 13?
And in some write ups?
I almost see her about to sign a million dollar contract?
Joking of course, BUT
I say lets let these kids have fun.
Certainly it sells newspapers , and people, watch the cable channels to stay
up to date.
I still love the young lad who wants to win as much as the Pros but in my mind has it all
in control by saying "its just a game" 

What a shame ‏

What a shame

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From MSN Money
Lost retailers of the last 25 years...
Circuit City
Comp USA
Blockbuster Video
Tower Records
KB  Toys
I remember buying stuff or renting things from   Circuit city, Blockbuster, we
had a Borders  nearby!


True or false? ‏

True or false?

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I say true why?
A Owner of a company has this partner , who thinks he owns the company??
And has this over inflated egooooooo echo echo echo echo
The company has pinball machines as well as video games...
The blog is about the day the secretary played him and beat him at a game
of pinball?
BUT BUT BUT wait hold on a sec???
He let her win??? 
Hey idiot lets play a second game and lets not let her win???
hey hey hey wait where ru going????? 
TIP      EEE       CUL........

Excuse me could I have my copy... ‏

Excuse me could I have my copy...

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 Of the latest fundamentals of basketball please ?
This from fox sports...
Apparently a forward from the bucks a Giannis Anktokounmpo ?
Should be given that very same copy why?
The story says he intercepted a pass and took 2 dribbles and
'"Covered 72 feet" before dunking that ball?
Now My question to this youngster , how many free throws can he make????
OR MISS?????

With All do respect ‏

With All do respect

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Yes I know and I can again respect the wishes of saving old historic
But come now , does money grow on trees?
The estimated cost ?
Last I read the roof leaks , the baseball stands are deteriorating and rusting?
The plumbing is old, but the estimated cost is that?
I see more cost in my opinion?
I think some love dreaming in a dream world?
And Ok go ahead its not me paying for this?
Id love to move out of apartment living forever and by me a nice two bedroom home
out of town and buy a nice chevy pickup?
Id love also to win the mega bucks lottery ticket?
But it all sounds so easy?
I have also blogged recently how I would love to invent a box with a  button?
and all one has to do is press the button?'
and out comes MONEY?
Or lets visit the local home and garden center and buy us a money tree?
The Everly brothers singing "all I have to do is dream."

In my blog I tried to make my point about why I think its ridiculous thinking

to save a baseball stadium and spend money to rebuild it?

When we have other places all ready ?

Pape field where the Oregon woman play soccer? 

The other photo shows Willamalane soccer field in Springfield , Oregon?

My question again is does money grow on trees???

explaining the email? ‏

explaining the email?

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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 12:05:06 -0700
Subject: Civic soccer field

Hello Kelly,
Thanks for your interest in Civic. 
The cost of redoing the surface for soccer is estimated to be around $900,000 and would include creating a new drainfield for water run off and drainage from under the grandstand. It would be paid for with funds from the escrow account.
Dennis Hebert
Friends of Civic Stadium

 We have a rather interesting problem at least in this bloggers eyes?
Civic stadium is  a stadium built in 1938 in Eugene, Oregon it has served
as a place for both high school football as well as baseball for both high school and
Minor league baseball, In my research also has had a rodeo and a circus  ?
In my email back to this person I stated my understanding of the love for this stadium.
How ever with all the other places?
I don't understand the need to spend money on this stadium?
I will include photos to back up my point or try?
the person has estimated a cost $900,000?
I see more at least in my research?
I continued back with??
In my opinion and maybe my own opinion it seems funny to me when we have a
soccer field right next door at South Eugene, with plenty of stands to view sports, plus ad
Pape field , ad all the rest of the high school sports fields with football venues that could be
at a moments notice turned into soccer ,  and don't we in Springfield  , have at the
Willamalane  park isn't there soccer fields?
last time I was there  and visited?
Sir ,I know and I can understand  why some like you love the old stadium but come now, civic has
served its purpose, built in 1938 it has seen its time.
you say an "estimated cost to be around" $900,000?"
don't you think it might cost more?
I looked up on google the estimated  cost of field  turf on a baseball field ?
And in my mind it might cost more?
I could be wrong,
You bet I was at civic stadium for all sorts of sports from high school football, baseball, and that
also included high  school baseball, but now I think civic should be torn down , especially with all
 the other places to play soccer?
as mentioned .
As one can see , many love and adore as I do many historic places as Civic stadium is. How ever
a baseball stadium?
I am sorry again but does money grow on trees???
The nation is always hearing about the unemployed?
then why not build something in place of the stadium to maybe put many back to work?

Success with Young talent? ‏

Success with Young talent?

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Sure a team can have young talent But in this bloggers mind,
don't they also need leaders or more experienced players?
From Bleacher Report I found the 10 greatest NBA teams of all time.
10.....Celtics of        1964/65
09.....Bulls of            1991-92
08.....76ers  of          1982-83
07.....Bucks  of          1970-71
06.....Bulls of             1996-97
05.....pistons   of       1988-89
04.....Lakers     of        1971-72
03....Celtics     of         1985-86
02.....Lakers    of          1986-87
01....Bulls of               1995-96

From the book ‏

From the book

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A Pictorial history of Television
I love taking info and blogging about it.
I am a sports fan, plus I also love other things  as well
I hope, unlike those who live and breathe sports ?
I have had this book for a long time so recently when I was looking back?
I found these ?
The date was 1939, and the photo shows Franklin D. Roosevelt the first president
to be televised at the New York worlds fair opening, the picture was as they say fuzzy
but they didn't have the high tech we have today!
On may 17th 1939 the first baseball game was televised it was Princeton and Columbia
in New York city , By NBC with Bill Stern at the mic.