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kelly lindley
September 22

rain rain come today

I Dislike rain BUT ‏

I Dislike rain BUT

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 10:22 AM
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I Have blogged about this subject about RAIN?
I would NOT play baseball or Softball at Oregon why?
RAIN . It rains too much in the state of OREGON!
 But heres a sidenote we need it Now why?
we havent had much in the way of H2O lately so I am glad to see
the 5 day forecast is for the wet stuff!Emoji
September 22

In My opinion

Jameis Winston ‏

Jameis Winston

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 3:38 PM
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I think by now we have heard all the BLEEEP on this punk!
In this bloggers view I have seen to many who get a  PASS  
as he did this past Saturday ?
I think the school , the coaches etc etec made a big mistake
by allowing him on the sidelines?
he loved every single second of it!
Cameras zoomed in and not to mention the announcers?
A solid hit and smack to us who obey rules.....
I would have SENT HIM HOME!!!!
September 22

More sports yummies

Want More Sports blogs??? ‏

Want More Sports blogs???

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 8:35 AM
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Ok here is a thought?
I saw a Quote, " Intensity reigns in Philadelphia."
Gee I wonder why, I am from Eugene, Oregon and I watched
Head coach Chip Kelly coach why he was looked at from NFL teams
to coach their teams??
September 22

some agree others???

Some fans don't want to hear this?? ‏

Some fans don't want to hear this??

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 8:27 AM
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I am sorry I am a blogger I write blogs so tough.
I recall an ex football coach here in Eugene ,
who stated he thought ratings didn't mean much .
His name Chip Kelly, here we see the latest college football
Polls from AP and bleacher report and their picks?
I notice something?
AP and bleacher agree but disagree on something ?
Both have Alabama #3  and #4 Oklahoma and #5 Auburn.
But Both differ when it comes to NUMBER #1?
AP has FSU at #1 but Bleacher  has Oregon  #1 ?
I agree with AP why?\
I don't think the ducks should be #1 why?\
FSU Should get the nod for #1 why they played without the starting QB
while Oregon had Mariota playing.
In this bloggers opinion!  
September 22

Free country?

reasons why I wont pay? ‏

reasons why I wont pay?

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 8:01 AM
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 My Current sports site to blog is now charging by what they say TURN PRO?
Plus a buzz around is Face book might start charging?
I would to love to someday in the near future to move out and find a better
place to live?
plus the place is cheaper and offers free cable .
Where I'd love to move to and its across the street?
Doesn't that cost money?
I'd like to buy a new bed someday, I don't find anywhere Free beds?
I like to buy a new or used table for my computer, how about a hideaway bed
for my living room?  
This item many don't understand or care? 
I have drivers license but no car?
I'd love to buy a used or new truck why?
I have no family as in kids so why would I need a car or van?
Ohh to find a easy way to make millions as in Free money?
I do work but I am not making millions!
Lets return to blogs I have wrote.
I get emails everyday about how to make what I see is Money and a soft and easy
way to make it?

I in the past thought why not?
Finding out later it was more than they were saying?
One told of a web mall ?
In the mall sell items ?
Oh I thought great so I signed up, BUT in order to get customers  ?
I needed to pay more money?
I went down to my bank nearby thank god and got a new bank card before the site
started charging me???
I tried calling customer service and tell them to delete me from their web site?
interesting NO ANSWER?
I AM NOT saying they were a scam .  But I think it was interesting how when I called they
painted such a great picture of a way to make money?
Its called selling us on something?
I know so many who get what I call sold On something?
A pretty sounding voice , a nice phrase as in You are our best customer ,and wam money paid!
All sorts of tricks to get us the customer to pay?
I know I have been on the short end of the stick many times..
I say be care full  at least to me!!!
September 22


Sports blogs info ‏

Sports blogs info

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 7:31 AM
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I got my current ranking   222 and it appears to be going up!
As I have stated and its their site not mine and if they want to charge ?
That's fine BUT!  
I have seen and heard some rumors that the very popular Facebook might
start charging for their site?
We don't control these sites so if they want to charge that's their right!
BUT its my right to say no I don't want to be forced into paying money for
these sites .
I can understand why sports blogs wants to charge, More money can made and a
better way to get readers by turning pro?
But again I have my reasons why I don't pay for Cable Television #1 I don't watch much TV so
why would I pay money to watch TV?
If my apartment complex offered free cable sure than I would love watching both ESPN and
the Pac-12 channels ,However they don't so I go without!
In Short their right to offer me a chance by paying money , My right to say no thanks.EmojiEmojiEmoji
September 22

my opinion

Ignore the whiners ‏

Ignore the whiners

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 3:51 AM
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 As I viewed the Oregon football game last Saturday with a win over
Washington state 38-31 in Washington?
I noticed the ducks in this game had to work extra hard at this win? 
For this blogger it shows me again how can a team at any level or sport?
Know how good they are when they play teams not as good?
Sure any game can be an upset But a few years ago I heard two  coaches then
at Oregon say we need to showcase our teams meaning quit playing the Portland
states the Idaho's  and play better competition !
I also see this with Oregon basketball and other sports.
For the last several years Oregon basketball has scheduled a game with Northwest
Christian university out of the NAIA?
Sure a way for bench kids  to play, and to showcase NCU basketball but again
would Oregon ever lose this game?
Better not.
September 22

my opinion

Cultural violence in the NFL? ‏

Cultural violence in the NFL?

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Sent: Mon 9/22/14 3:34 AM
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I think sports as I see it now is ugly with the not only the high expectations
put on college aged kids for what WINNING  A GAME?
Sure I want to win as much as anyone but what do humans go to college for?
I think an education or am I wrong?
I think when we talk about sports in general I see more and more of no more
enjoyment . I see it when I went to watch minor league baseball?
Some jerk this year was crying about the team losing so much?
We had won 4 games straight but losing that Sunday   afternoon ?
You research as I have and try finding an unbeaten baseball team for an entire year?
Some one said the reds of 1886?  
But in my on going research I found they finished 5th in the league?
This is like hearing about something free on the radio last night but hearing a cost
of shipping and handling?
I have heard folks talking about kids sports and the parents acting as though the team
is playing in the Pro's ?
I also include church leagues?
No fun and fellowship when  I played?
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