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October 20


I'll title this "don't want to hear that!" ‏

I'll title this "don't want to hear that!"

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 I used to be friends with a guy named Richard who I think has some mental problem's
and should be taking Meds for them!
Is he?
I don't really know, my point is...he has said in the past how he has this compassion  for'
Oregon football aww I think I have also, But I also can understand a word upset meaning
and I think most have heard the story David  and Goliath and who won that battle HUH?
David did   , But yea yea yea as I can hear Richard saying that was a long time ago!
My point is simple and lets view the pac12 standings as of today...
Northern Division
                         Conference    and   Overall
Oregon                          3-1                           6-1
Stanford                        2-1                           4-3
California                       2-3                          4-3
Washington                  1-2                          4-2
Oregon State                1-2                          4-2
Washington State        1-3                          2-5
                       Conference                    Overall
USC                      4-1                                5-2
ASU                      3-1                                5-1
Arizona                2-1                                5-1
Utah                     2-1                                5-2
UCLA                     2-2                               5-2
Colorado              0-4                               2-5
 Another point(.)<<<<<
for most of the spoiled brat fans across the nation?
recall  David and the giant Goliath?
focus on Lowly Colorado for a second,   O and yes we had better play as do in Alcoholics A?
one day at a time...But lets see?
Oregon continues to win  and  Colorado continues losing?
Colorado is scheduled to play here in Eugene on November 22nd ?
In my never ending research I find the all time biggest upset in college football history?
drum Roll??
On September one of 2007 at Michigan and then ranked #5 in the nation lowly  Appalachian state
came  a calling !!!   starring as David and yea I can hear Richard saying OOH BUT THAT WAS SO LONG AGO!
Is the Mountaineers of A State, and as Goliath is Michigan  yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before I write another world beater blog?
final and a rather nifty stat?
In attendance that day ??
109,208 whom I am sure sat before during?
then after cried them a river!!!!
why   final   A state  34-----Michigan  32???
A song sung by  Jefferson Starship    I can see Richard >>>>run run run run away!!!!
End of blog!!!!!
October 20

get a mirror and take a look??

Is kellyscott Perfect? ‏

Is kellyscott Perfect?

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I'm referring to me?
No I hope not, I don't have a Listerine mouth but I am working it.
When I get pushed into a corner as an example try pushing an animal ina corner?
the result not pretty!  Do I brake rules yea sometimes am I proud of it?
NO...I am what the dictionary says Human,  I don't want to brake  rules and then
as some do laugh about it?
In 1996 I was arrested for a DUI an ad wreck less driving, did I try to walk away ?
NO I had to do my time as they say, Lost my drivers license for about 3 months , went through
treatment classes Monday ---Fridays and a 2 hour class on Saturdays!
The problem was ,was I done  drinking?
No after my time was served I went back drinking stupid but I did and at least I am honest!  
Yes we all are going to make mistakes  and bloopers the problem is will we learn ?
in my view NO , as I read about more athletes  and others who try as I say sweep all this under
I read more about the pathetic people on this earth than I do  the people that are GOOD!
Singer Song writer  Bill Joel " only the good die young." Do we read about those good people?
Not much, why ,pathetic news sells magazines and we all know it!  
I see more every stinkin  day Humor and I mean good clean humor ?
is now on the bottom of the ocean!   I know one gentleman who on the way toa  baseball game with his
2 young daughters in the back seat, used the dirtiest language and didn't even realize it?
Why I don't think he thinks?
Again  in a recent blog I used the Golden rule as an item I was taught to have respect for others ?
do we now?
I don't think so by reading the newspaper everyday! Read it and find out! 
IN this bloggers  view!!!!
October 20

selective hearing?

Rules / Regulations/ ‏

Rules / Regulations/

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 A New poll on sports blogs about Ray Rice and all his so called problems?
I'll just say this "then we wonder why?" 
I was raised in a home where I was taught the Golden Rule ,and was is that?
The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a maxim, ethical code or morality that essentially states either of the following: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. (Directive form.)
I am reading more and more in sports as with this whole world that we are getting mighty lazy and we know it!
From Rice to Johnny football and others who make the news and now FSU QB Winston ?
In a recent blog I touched on Oregon QB Marcus Mariota , do we see him in the local sports pages?
NO.  Now more on my view if its ok?
Everyday and yes its been going on for centuries but is it good, NO I am referring to the language I hear and
most often "out of the mouths of babes?" A F bomb , or a A use of the lords name in vain?
Sure we can sweep it  all under that carpet yea that one over yonder>!  I know this my nephew and a nice
young man when he  is not drinking, BUT  a few belts of the yo who juice meaning alcohol and his language
gets a little smelly , But with NO  help  from his parents or Dad his grand dad ?
How we and now a bit too late as the young man is now in his early 20s?
But how are we going to teach him this is wrong? 
I am getting sicker than hell reading nearly everyday about this athlete or that person ?
getting in the news and then all these ?????????"s
Questions about did they brake the rules or didn't they?
Come now in my view.  I have to share a story a true story, this happened about 4 years ago, I was the PA
announcer for a  local  Christian University here in Eugene, Oregon , The then basketball coach tell us all
at a practice that the basketball player who was taking classes at the University of Oregon  and the
Rumor was he wasn't passing his classes!  I could write on and on but the point is, The coach acted at if he
didn't know?
I then coughed, I didn't say anything I just coughed  the reaction by the coach was stunning he looked over at
me as if to say?
In my view how could he NOT KNOW?
If I walked into a store and try shop lifting an item and when I walk by the security doors?
And the alarm goes off what do I tell the security guard on duty, I didn't know that item was in my hand?
Sure we can cut an paste and call our sponsor and worked the ladders?
And try this and doo wada   dooo  and 2,3, four?
October 20

Oregon sports

Ducks Begin Quick Turnaround For Friday's Game at Cal
Release: 10/19/2014
Article Image
Courtesy: Eric Evans

By Rob Moseley

Perhaps it was the glow of another win over long-time rival Washington, the Ducks’ 11th straight in the series. Whatever the reason, reviews of Oregon’s 45-20 win over the Huskies on Saturday have generally been quite positive.

As just one example, the Ducks moved up in the polls Sunday. Oregon rose three spots to No. 6 in the AP poll of media, and two spots to No. 7 in the coaches’ poll. The first College Football Playoff selection committee poll will be released Oct. 28.

Inside the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, coaches worked feverishly to grade film as a short week of preparation begin for a Friday game vs. California at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. (7:15 p.m., Fox Sports 1). UO coach Mark Helfrich said that process began Saturday night, and while there was much to like from the victory, he stopped short of agreeing when asked at a press conference Sunday whether it had been Oregon’s most complete performance of the season.

“We’re playing better,” Helfrich allowed. “And that’s encouraging. Definitely not our best; we certainly hope it’s not our best.”

Helfrich said the Ducks definitely tackled better than they had recently, holding the Huskies to 3.7 yards per carry on the ground and allowing only one pass play longer than 18 yards. Offensive line play wasn’t as consistent as a week earlier at UCLA, but the Ducks overcame that thanks to a big game by freshman running back Royce Freeman, who ran for 169 hard yards and four touchdowns, breaking numerous tackles along the way.

As the Ducks (6-1 overall, 3-1 Pac-12) move forward, Helfrich said their return game could stand to improve, on both kickoffs and punts. He said the return units have sometimes been just a single missed assignment away from a huge play, but those breakdowns are enough to limit long returns.

Credit for Oregon’s strong two-game win streak since the loss to Arizona goes in part to what Helfrich called “a grittier edge” to practices the last two weeks. “I think it’s more of a mindset and an attitude, more than different drills or anything like that,” he added.

In the postgame locker room Saturday night, just before the Ducks capped their victory celebration by singing the fight song, Helfrich implored them to maintain that edge. “Keep believing in the process,” he told the Ducks, “and we’ll be singing a lot.”

Freeman’s heavy workload of 29 carries, the most by a UO back in two seasons, will not become a trend, if Helfrich gets his preference.

Sophomore Thomas Tyner had three carries before leaving the game for good in the first half, and Byron Marshall was used primarily at receiver, where the Ducks were without Keanon Lowe. Thus, the second-most carries by a UO running back against Washington were the six by senior Kenny Bassett, a former walk-on who earned a scholarship for this year and like Marshall doubles as a slot receiver.

Helfrich said the Ducks would like to get back to the balance they had in previous weeks. “We need the committee,” he said. “For us, that committee’s good. But there are going to be things that happen in games, whether it’s game-plan related, readiness related, guys are going to have to carry the load differently.”

Bassett, a valuable member of the kickoff coverage team, ran for 20 yards on his six carries and was also solid in pass protection, Helfrich said. “The guy’s a great ‘team’ guy,” the coach added. “Unbelievable special teams player, knows multiple positions offensively and has definitely earned some consideration for future relevance.”

For several weeks to start this season, Oregon got labeled a second-half team. The Ducks outscored South Dakota 21-0 after halftime, overcame a deficit to Michigan State with a 28-3 advantage in the final two quarters, and broke a halftime tie to win at Washington State.

Lately, the Ducks are getting an earlier start in pulling away from opponents. The second-half team has become a second-quarter team, with Oregon building a 21-3 lead over UCLA before allowing a touchdown just before halftime, and scoring three unanswered touchdowns against Washington in the second quarter Saturday.

“It’s just kind of the rub of the green of how that happened the last couple weeks,” Helfrich said. “… We were able to get in a little bit more rhythm offensively, get in a few more plays, and stop them on defense, limit their plays, and it was a good complement.”

With a Friday game this week, the coaching staff had to condense two days of work into one Sunday, and scheduling tweaks will continue into Monday.

Typically, Sunday would have included a game-planning meeting, but that will be held Monday morning as the coaching staff combined review of the Washington game with looking ahead to Cal on Sunday. Players attended meetings Sunday, but the Ducks opted not to hold a full practice.

“We brought the players in for kind of a condensed debrief of yesterday, then got them treated, hydrated, fed and out of here,” Helfrich said.

The coaching staff’s players of the week for the Washington game included Freeman on offense, linebacker Derrick Malone Jr. on defense and placekicker Matt Wogan on special teams.

Malone tied for the team lead with eight tackles, plays on which Washington compiled a total of just 34 yards. Wogan extended his streak of kickoffs into the end zone to 15, Helfrich said, putting all eight of his kickoffs Saturday past the goal line.

On the scout teams, receiver Jalen Brown, defensive back Bronson Yim and running back Lane Roseberry were the players of the week, the latter on special teams.

October 19

food 4 thought

Are we forced to do anything? ‏

Are we forced to do anything?

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Sent: Sun 10/19/14 7:24 AM
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Yes when it comes to following laws and rules I hope so...
 But lets ad when someone like a certain athlete Jameis  
Winston QB for FSU, and I will leave it at that!
Anyway, No one is forcing us  to attend any sports event , even if
We own season tickets I might ad! lets throw this in, No one forced me
as a recovering alcoholic to Stay and eat at the tailgater we were at, and no
 one forced me to decide to enter the stadium early so I would  not be around a bunch
of drinking,  Now early in the game , My brother sat most of the game , head in his hands?
Why too much drinking!  He said  that to me,  Are we forced to Vote?
No its a privilege in my view, This season as with most seasons at home football games a
suggested color is asked to be worn at Oregon football  games?
Are we FORCED to wear that color , NO I hope not!  And am  I forced to attend church services
 here at the apartment complex where I live?
No but I think some think so .  Ask the pastor!   why I am what I call ignored.  She could call me,'
Or leave a note asking how I am?
See this is why at least in my mind Christianity gets mocked and laughed at!  Now is this blogger
I hope not ! Am I forced to blog on sports blogs, No and lets ad this am I am forced to pay a price in
order to blog?
No , example some will pay the price of $4.99 a month and become a pro blogger. I will not pay!
Are forced to pay for the following,  rent, electricity , phone /cable Television ,  car insurance , etc etc?
No but the result might be without a place to live, and no heat or lights, no phone service, better have
car insurance, and ad no watching most sports ,as I see it on the tube or TV? 
Am I in closing forced to blog everyday?
No its what I like to do! 
October 19


Freeman, No. 9 Ducks Cruise Past Washington, 45-20
Release: 10/18/2014

by Rob Moseley

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon extended its winning streak over long-time rival Washington to 11 games, the longest by either team in the history of the series, as the No. 9 Ducks beat the Huskies 45-20 in Autzen Stadium on Saturday.

How It Happened: Freshman Royce Freeman ran for three first-half touchdowns as the Ducks built a 28-6 halftime lead. Washington's vaunted defensive front seven couldn't contain the Oregon rushing attack as the Ducks ran for 218 yards, and the UO offensive line allowed just three sacks. The UO defense limited Washington to 317 yards of offense, including 27 rushing yards in the first half. The Huskies got their two field goals in the first quarter, staying within 7-6 before the Ducks blew it open in the second. 

Who Stood Out: Freeman surpassed 100 rushing yards for the second week in a row, after the Ducks went the first five games of the season without a 100-yard rusher. The freshman finished with 29 carries for 169 yards and four touchdowns. Marcus Mariota completed 24-of-33 passes for 336 yards and two touchdowns. Freshman Darren Carrington had season-highs of five receptions and 79 yards. Defensively, Erick Dargan came up with his fourth interception of the year, tied for fourth in the FBS, and Christian French has a career-high two sacks and forced a key second-half fumble.

What It Means: Oregon improved to 6-1 overall and 3-1 in the Pac-12, retaining a share of first place in the North Division. Washington fell to 5-2 overall and 1-2 in conference play.

Odds and Ends: Mariota threw a touchdown pass for the 33rd straight game, every appearance of his career. … Oregon improved to 1-2 against former UO assistant Chris Petersen, the UW head coach who led Boise State to two wins over the Ducks. … Matt Wogan missed a 33-yard field-goal attempt in the second half. … Defensive end Arik Armstead started the game after not playing at UCLA. 

Up Next: The Ducks are right back to work with a practice Sunday to begin preparations for a Friday night game at California (7:15 p.m. PT, Fox Sports 1).

October 19

huh what????

Now does the selective hearing start? ‏

Now does the selective hearing start?

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Sent: Sun 10/19/14 3:55 AM
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 I have had just about ENOUGH OF READING THIS?
FSU and QB Jameis Winston who's  still playing?
Any road FSU beat Notre Dame last night.
I could write the longest blog I have ever written about what I call
Nonsense , OK for those who I have talked about this with and yea some
disagree , I don't give a rats BEHIND what anyone thinks , This QB should not
be playing and again with the Y's?
All I think one can do is goggle Jameis Winston and make your own opinion on
what you think!
Funny how I emailed FSU and told them  what I think?
No response,   or selective hearing or reading!
October 19

look out another view!

An Observation ‏

An Observation

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 If I can have one, I notice stuff even though I am far sighted?
On this blog site I noticed this, from the stat sheet? 
Why was 27 views posted on 10/16 and I might ad a record for this blogger,
 but I also noticed only 3 views on 10/17 and 10/18?
Could this be a marketing tool to get me paying the $4.99 a month to be a pro blogger?
just a thought!  and sorry I don't intend paying money for this site, but nice try!
Again as I have also blogged I don't intend to make some think that just because I don't
want to do something?
Does that make everyone think I am  pressuring you all to follow me?
No, if anyone reading this blog now wants to pay the suggested price and be a PRO BLOGGER!
Am I stopping you?
I hope not!
October 19

College football

Oregon football ‏

Oregon football

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Sent: Sun 10/19/14 3:24 AM
To: kelly lindley (
Last night I went to  a college football game in Eugene, Oregon , Oregon
and Washington , Now some can not understand the meaning and this opinion is
Straight from me the blogger and no one else get it?
I went to watch and not jump and high 5 myself to death?
In our Row,  at autzen  stadium we sit with some great people and more new folks why?
Many are not there any more again with the why?
Ticket prices have gone through the roof , another why?
Oregon is a darn good football team and some want names still cant and wont understand
with another why?
I went as a director, producer and might as well been in a control booth nearby!  Sure to
some with deaf ears I am an Oregon sports fan But not yelling and screaming fanatic , I use
to be not anymore!   Example I went with as we call them a bunch of sticky notes in my head,
making notes for this blog!  get it, didn't think you did.  and even though the score was a blowout?
45-20 and side note huh, huskies the 11th straight win for the ducks over the Dawgs, oops see I can
have some fun???
When most of our row stood and for getting there are seats, I stayed seated watching the big screen
that during the entire game shows the game and replays, and let them high five them selves to death!
In a recent blog I wrote about a rivalry between Oregon and Washington  that seems to be more heated
than the beavers from Oregon state and I mentioned afterwards that if New Coach Chris Peterson
doesn't  end the win string going with the current Oregon duck football team?
And finally end that string , The rivalry will go back to what it once was ?
With Oregon State. In this bloggers view!     
I asked during the game was it as loud as it was last night for what most think for the 2003 Home
game with Michigan in 2003?
I was in the process of getting sober or at least trying when I didn't attend that game, and Yes some said
ohh Yea the Michigan game was loud!  
Autzen stadium home for Oregon football reminds me of the old Mac court where Oregon played basketball
for so many years and good ness gracious it was loud in there!
The weather last night was nice, how nice was it?
It was so nice this blogger left his jacket in the car! 
Anyway despite the blowout, I had a wonderful time!
October 18

they do???

intimidated by something? ‏

intimidated by something?

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Sent: Sat 10/18/14 10:32 AM
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 The young folks of today are NOT Intimidated by so many things?
take the Rubik's cube  ?
for this blogger?
id toss it out that window>>>>>
I also think many are  Intimidated by blogging or just using the computer ?
And I mean for more than just games?
In this bloggers view! 
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