24 Jul

Jokes by ArcaMax

Cop's Toilet

Did you hear that someone broke into our local police station and stole the toilet?

Right now the cops have nothing to go on.

Social Media

24 Jul

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Golf Digest

24 Jul

Some of the great Golf Courses in the nation..

Pine Valley

Augusta National

Cypress Point

Shinnecock  hills


Pebble beach

1921 college football

24 Jul

Pittsburg    and West Virginia

first on radio,,won by Pitt  21-13


23 Jul

W hat??? ‏

W hat???

To: kelly lindley
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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/23/14 12:44 PM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

Those who have any idea about sports?
Knows or should know that Nike corporation is known at
Oregon,  But move over for a while now why?
This week the IAAF world junior championships are in town sponsored by
Thats right at Hayward Field where Oregon runs track and field. 
So in our local newspaper the headline story?
 All the Nike logos are being replaced by guess what?
 Adida's  logos can be seen.
As the late baseball announcer Mel Allen might say
"how about that"


23 Jul

Patience ? ‏

Patience ?

To: kelly lindley
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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/23/14 12:56 PM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
I wish I had this , in some cases I do, BUT in lots of cases I dont.
The blog is about parents and their struggles with something we call kids?   
 I watch as parents have the same trouble as mom and dad did when this blogger
 was a youngster and had problems with Me when SANTA  was in town?
I put up such a fight ?
W hy I guess I didnt want to take a shot at having another kelly?
At age 62 I have never been married or ever had kids and I am so glad I didnt.
I like being around the as My favorite talk show host calls "Crumb Crunchers."
But But again I see the struggles most parents have and and I dont want it!
Maybe at an earlier age but not now... 
I also have heard that some should NOT have kids but they sure have them...
Isnt it fun to look back....  

All I could say was wow

23 Jul

Inside jokes ‏

Inside jokes

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/23/14 6:52 PM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

 Im sure you the reader have had sometime was on the side of the title?
Today visiting  the library I found out by a person who works there the
VCR tape of a video  I had watched over 500 times is about to be sold?
Yes the movie Eds Coed I watched so many times is about to be sold?
So Kerry said if I wanted it?
the cost was a dollar?
So I thought  what the hey. so now I am the proud owner of that tape.
The film is about what campus life was like in 1928  a silent feature and subtitles
 an great music.


23 Jul

High Expectation's ‏

High Expectation's

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/23/14 8:38 AM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

 Or some times I say High E's my blog talks about a blog I just found.
"NCAA football : UTSA eyes   a bowl birth in it's first eligible season"
Sidenote did I say a team shouldn't set its hopes high on a season?
NO.   Sure every teams dream is winning but.   The blog talks about
University of Texas at San Antonio the Roadrunners , their coach and the talents
they have BUT ...lets go back and view some high expectations that didn't come true?
No we don't want to hear about it BUT.
I did some research ooops?
Ohhh I can just see a "want name " running off not wanting  to continue reading this blog?
College football's biggest upsets from 2013?
Towson Over Connecticut   33-18
Eastern Washington  over Oregon state    49-46
Auburn  over  Alabama   34-28
Arizona  beat Oregon    42-16
Georgia  Southern Beat  Florida    26-20
USC beat  Stanford     20-17
Kstate  over Texas tech   49-26
Southern Carolina  over  Missouri    27-24
Duke  past  Virginia tech 13-10
Minnesota   over Nebraska     34-23
other scores       WSU beat  USC  10-7
I could blog a whole sports cast only my blog says simply this?
you better take one game at a  time or"?
you want to be added to this years list of what you saw from this list??? 


23 Jul

Thank you technology ‏

Thank you technology

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From:  kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 7/23/14 7:07 AM
To: kelly lindley (edscoed@hotmail.com)

Those who know about computers or scams?
I'd like to introduce you to technology by way of my HP
Computer , today as always I get this email wanting to show me 
How easy?
It is to make money on a webpage?
So just for grinsEmoji
did some research and up popped this
"This website has been reported unsafe"
So then I deleted it.  Now as I have stated before this is a free country and I am not
saying do not sign up with these sites, or did I?
The friends Darrell and Mary from Los Angeles  are the ones I have talked about who
own their own business and I wont tell you what it is, However I will say as they said on our trip
to the casino, don't be fooled by fancy talk about making easy money?
And by research and emails that's what I see, why in some blogs I have also said  I'd love to own
a box with a handle on hit and simply pull handle, OUT COMES MONEY, Or buy a money tree  ,
ad water , and MONEY?
Radio talk show host Clark Howard heard on our local AM station KUGN talks about scams almost
everyday , Now did I say  most of the sites I get almost everyday are scams?
That I don't  know , But My gut feeling and my suggestion of when in  doubt don't, gives me the idea of
don't sign up , an maybe I am passing up a chance at making money, but when I listen to people,
who know what they are talking about.
I will take their "hint" and I wont sign up,

Im one of the 87%

22 Jul


Do you agree with the court's ruling?

Do you agree with the court's ruling?

  1. 87 %
    Yes; the father was justified.
    370,692 votes
    7 %
    No; the spanking was excessive.
    31,710 votes
    6 %
    I'm not sure.
    25,718 votes

Total Responses: 428,120