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A story about unfairness ‏

A story about unfairness

To: kelly lindley
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From: kelly lindley (
Sent: Wed 12/30/15 3:10 AM
To: kelly lindley (
and no joke...
I have lived in a one bedroom apt for just over 4 years, about
3 years ago a gentleman moved below me, a nice fellow or seemed to be?
Very quiet and respectable Then the roof caved as it were?
about 5 months ago he decided to be a big pain in my neck how?
by thinking it cool?
The very second I came in ?
 The music got loud as in a spoiled brad and lets not for get he's an adult?
I called the police I don't know many times with really no help?
The as I note them slum lords acted as if they didnt care?
I get notice that I have been asked to move why?
I wasn't the problem he was,
But lookup the words slum lords?in my view a mirror  image of THIS PLACE?,d.cGc
id say before you waste money?
As I did and get real frustrated?
Do some research before you waste not only your money?
but waste away being mad nearly everyday?
Does management care?
NO sir..

Yea sirrrrr

Happy Happy merry merry ‏

Happy Happy merry merry

To: kelly lindley
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From: kelly lindley (
Sent: Thu 11/26/15 9:47 PM
To: kelly lindley (

I don't give a rats BEHIND??????
I will continue  saying...........
Merry Christmas
if some don't like that????
GET A LIFE!!!!!!Emoji

Its still just a game

As A writer Blogger ? ‏

As A writer Blogger ?

To: kelly lindley
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From: kelly lindley (
Sent: Thu 11/26/15 9:01 PM
To: kelly lindley (

 Its fun to write something to make us think.
True I'm  a  University Of Oregon  football fan note?
nota  fanatic, just a fan  BUT.  When Oregon and Oregon state play
Friday in our annual Civil  War contest at 1PM in Eugene , Oregon?
Note also Oregon is a 34 point favorite?
YAWNNNNNNN   sorry Oregon state BUT?
But how would you beaver fans going to the game?
how would you love watching  your    team  ruin an all ready down year?
what I see as  Spoiled rotten winning duck fans all ready?
so far in league play?
Osu hasn't won a game?
But does that mean the team will fold for the ducks?
The #1 upset in college football history is when Appalachian state beat
Michigan at Michigan?
Who'd thunk that?
And for me?
Its still just a game.
Stay tuned????Emoji